Film Marketing

Film marketing is crucial in targeting an audience to come see your film.
Promote your Film

Film Marketing Plan

The main aim of film marketing is to get as much exposure to a targeted audience to sell your film.

Film Brand

Create a film brand that your audience recognize and excited to see your film

Film Festival Marketing

Your main aim with film festival marketing is to get buzz and a distribution deal. If you get a distribution deal before you get to the festival, make a media splash with the announcement that your film has been picked up.

How to Build a Film Audience

The most essential part of a film is knowing who your film audience is going to be and you need to market to them from day 1 of pre-production.

Film Marketing Goals

Keep in mind you constantly pitching, to the audience, the media, festivals and distributors.

Here are the steps in how to identify, engage and build your audience. You will learn how to increase your fan base, create a buzz online and get media exposure.

What is Film Marketing

A key part of a film’s success is how well it has been marketed. People would not know a film exists without marketing. When a film goes into production, it needs to be advertised like any other product and get audience excited to go see it.

How to Market a Film

The most important part of independent Film Marketing is the ability to know who your Audience is. What are their interests, where do consume content and will they be passionate about your film. You need to find and connect with a core audience.

The key to a film success is how well it has been marketed

  1. Define your niche audience
  2. Figure out how big your audience will be
  3. Research how you going to reach your target market
  4. Set up your marketing schedule
  5. Calculate your film marketing budget
  6. Design your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  7. Connect with influencers that apply to your keywords
  8. Launch your Film Marketing Plan to Media