Independent Film Distribution

What is Film Distribution

The process of making a film available to the audience for viewing is known as film distribution. This includes theatrical screenings, television broadcasters, VOD streaming, airlines and DVD sales.

How to Distribute an Independent Film Online
Few filmmakers are aware there are several ways to sell content through self-distribution
Film Distribution Contracts
Read example distribution contracts and agreements before you make a deal with a distributor.
List of Top Tier Film Markets to Sell Your Film
Film Markets are all about the business of film, where filmmakers and distributors buy and sell films.
Top Streaming Platforms to Sell your Film
Generate income by self distributing your film on streaming platforms. Direct-to-VOD
Sell your Documentary Online
Here is the list of where you can sell your documentary online, directly to streaming platforms
Sell your Short Film Online
Make money by screening your short film on streaming platforms
Sell your Film Online