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Film Funding - 2024

Government Funding for Filmmakers

Find out how to get funding from government initiatives aimed at nurturing creativity, boosting the film industry, and shaping our cultural landscape.

Tax Incentives for Filmmakers

Governments and regional film commissions offer enticing financial benefits and credits to draw your film projects to their area.

Pre Sell your Film to Raise Funding

Pre-sales for filmmakers involve selling parts of the film’s distribution rights to distributors before the film is completed, providing a promise of future revenue once the film is delivered to the distributors.

Raise Film Funding with Gap Finance

Gap option becomes available after other financing options, such as pre-sales, tax incentives, and grants, have been secured, but there is still a shortfall in the budget.

What is Film Finance?

Even if a film looks like it will be a commercial success "on paper", there is still no accurate method of determining the levels of revenue the film will generate.

Raise Funding with a Negative Pick Up Deal

A negative pickup deal is a type of film financing arrangement in which a production company sells its completed film project to a studio or distributor for a fixed price before the film is actually made.