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Film Grants

A comprehensive directory of film grants to fund filmmakers anywhere in the world
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What is a film grant

Organisations offer film grants to support independent filmmakers which can be used to fund your film from development through to production and distribution. Frequently the money does not need to be repaid, but the funding organisation would expect recognition in the film's credits and media releases.

How to apply for a film grant

It is important to read the rules and requirements when you apply to a film grant, so make sure you meet the criteria. Have a look at their mission statement to see if your film aligns to their values. Research previous films the organisation has funded before to see what type of projects they select. A film business plan is usually required.

Are film grants available in my country

Yes! See the sections below, and also see film grants worldwide, available to filmmakers living anywhere in the world.

What I need to apply for a film grant

Each film grant is different, but you definitely going to need a film business plan