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Film Marketing Goals

Keep in mind you constantly pitching, to the audience, the media, festivals and distributors. 

Most likely a financier or distributor will ask you, what is the goal of your film. You need to decide, what is the specific aim of your film marketing campaign.

It is psychologically proven, a viewer needs to feel affinity to the content, why should they spend time reading further.

They want to know:

  1. what is the story about
  2. why they should watch the film
  3. who is involved
  4. how to watch or be involved

Do you want to:

Make money: you need a large and targeted audience

  • Fame: win awards at festivals
  • Distribution: this is no guarantee to make money unless you have high production value and budget
  • Change the World: 

Now that you have decided on one of the above, let's go into detail

Money: Targeted Audience

Finding your Audience is easy but needs time and a lot of work

Do you want to sell out one theater in one location for one week? You need an audience to buy tickets and you need a marketing budget to reach them. Example a $30 million James Bond film spends 50% of the total budget on film marketing. So to make big money you need a big production budget.

Your whole campaign is going to be based on keywords because we are going to:

  • Target social networks
  • SEO your film to be easily found on Google
  • Build your Brand with text, images and video that stir the target market

Fame: Film Festivals

You will most likely submit to film festivals via

Do you want to win awards and rub shoulders with stars on the red carpet? It is estimated over 35,000 films get made each year, of those only 600 get accepted into the international film circuit, for instance Sundance only accept 200 films.

It is costly to submit and you need:

  • Press coverage from newspapers and blogs
  • High production value graphics (images and video), they want quality
  • A Press Kit so that they can cover you in their media


You need to win film festivals and attend film markets

To get distribution you need:

  • High production value graphics (images and video)
  • A large targeted Audience
  • Win Awards

Change the World

By concentrating your career on a genre, example horror or sports films, you can build an audience that will recognize you as the go-to writer / director / producer and make sales a lot easier in the future.

Launch your Career

Are you an unknown phenomenon ready to get into the major leagues? You are ready to launch your concept and need to showcase your vision and filmmaking capabilities. At the same time make a name for yourself, create value so that your next project has a bigger budget.

The obvious objective for a film is to get an audience to watch and the aim of film marketing is to connect to those audiences, get them excited, buy a ticket, guarantee the success of your film.