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List of Top Tier Film Markets to Sell Your Film

Film Markets are all about the business of film, where filmmakers and distributors buy and sell films. 

It is different to a film festival which is a competition, film markets is where film distribution deals take place.

There are several film markets around the world that offer opportunities for filmmakers to sell their films and find distribution deals. Some of the most well-known film markets include:

  1. Cannes Film Festival - Held annually in Cannes, France, this festival attracts buyers and sellers from around the world and is one of the largest and most prestigious film markets.
  2. Berlin International Film Festival - Also known as the Berlinale, this festival is held annually in Berlin, Germany, and has a strong focus on international film sales.
  3. American Film Market (AFM) - Held annually in Santa Monica, California, this market is one of the largest in the world and focuses on independent film production and distribution.
  4. Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) - This forum is held annually in Hong Kong and focuses on connecting Asian filmmakers with international financiers and producers.
  5. Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) - One of the largest film festivals in the world, TIFF offers a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with buyers and distributors.

You can also join the Cannes Film Agency that specializes in MIPTV, Cannes Film Festival and MIPCOM to represent your film at the markets.

There are many other film markets and festivals around the world that may be suitable for selling your film, depending on the genre and target audience. It's important to research and choose the market that best fits your needs and goals.

Cannes Marché Du Film

The Marché du Film invites you to join the largest international community of film professionals. More than just an event, for the past 60 years, the Marché has been one of the key stepping stones in the creation, production and distribution of films around the world. Today, the Marché du Film draws its strength from the diversity of the actors it brings together. These professionals from all walks of life obtain financing, seize opportunities, take the pulse of international film creation, and are at the forefront of innovation.

Cannes Film Market

AFM American Film Market

The American Film Market is the most efficient film acquisition, development and networking event in the world. Unlike a festival, AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. More than US$1 billion in deals are sealed every year — on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production.

European Film Market

The European Film Market is one of the top three meeting places of the international film and media industries. Its close links with the Berlinale as a public film festival, and its position at the heart of Berlin’s vivid creative economy, are defining characteristics of the Berlinale’s film market. Yet the EFM is more than just an agile marketplace for trading film and audiovisual content – it has also positioned itself as a platform for innovation and change.

Film London Production Finance Market

Production Finance Market (PFM) is a two-day film financing event which takes place in association with the BFI London Film Festival. It helps to build new film financing relationships between producers and financiers, and is the only event of its kind in the UK.


Mipcom, the World’s Largest Entertainment Content Market, from blockbuster programming to groundbreaking partnerships, the global media and entertainment industry converges online for four days of online exchange and networking, meetings, screenings and conferences, into lasting business.

ASIA TV Forum and Market

Where the future of Asia's entertainment content is shaped. ATF has established itself as a proven trade event with global reach.

BANFF Media Festival

BANFF is an international conference and marketplace where new business partnerships are forged and new TV, film and digital media projects are ignited. With delegates from 50+ countries, the Festival attracts the world’s top creators, producers, showrunners, talent, networks, studios, streamers, press and media companies.

Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the premier events of the festival and market circuit. It is renowned for its enthusiastic audiences, curatorial excellence, and as a platform into the North American marketplace. Over 5,500 leading industry professionals converge on Toronto to promote, finance, buy, and sell films - both in and out of Official Selection. TIFF has proven an ideal environment to showcase independent films, ensuring they have the best possible opportunity to be seen and appreciated by decision-makers and audiences.

Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is the ultimate gathering of original storytellers and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives. Our annual program includes dramatic and documentary features and short films; series and episodic content; and New Frontier, showcasing emerging media in the form of multimedia installations, performances, and films.

Hot Docs

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of approximately 200 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe.

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