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How to Build a Film Audience

Film Audience Research

What you need to do is look at your script and define the following:

  • What is the age group that wants to see my film
  • Are they male or female
  • What hobbies or interests do they have (that relates to the subject of your film)
  • What organisations or FB groups do they sign up to

Who is going to watch your film?

If you say my film is for 'everybody' you have a very low chance of getting people to see your film.

Build a Persona

So, we are going to create a persona, one perfect audience member that will buy a ticket, a true fan.

Think of just ONE person that will pay to watch your film. It could be a friend or someone you imagine.

Write down:

  1. What is their gender (male, female, other)
  2. What is their exact age
  3. What city do the live
  4. Where does this person watch movies? (online, theatre, etc)
  5. What interests? (example yoga, chess, etc relates to the subject of your film)
  6. Which social platform does he/her hangout? (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc)

* Now join the communities on the social platforms and start to listen and engage.

The Persona is your core audience, find them online, join the discussion and win their trust.

Establish yourself as knowledgable on the subject, then start mentioning your film and get people to sign up to your newsletter or social accounts.

The object is to get people engaged with your film, and then you have an in-built audience.

What is an In-Built Film Audience

You way ahead in film distribution with a built-in audience and you have a strong card in your hand to make deals.

Think about it, there are thousands of films on Netflix that you don't know about, that is because the filmmakers hope that the algorithm pushed them to front page. The reasons they are on the front page is:

  • a heavy advertising budget
  • major A-list stars are attached
  • won top film festivals
  • the key team (director, cast) has a huge following online

You need an in-built audience to drive viewers to watch your film

Engage with your Target Audience

You watch and listen to the concerns, questions and aspirations of your target audience.

  • Graphics: Post images your audience will relate to
  • Video: Post videos that are informative and entertaining
  • Automated Social Network Posting
  • Build the important Mailing List
  • Drive traffic to your film page with Content Marketing

It takes time to engage, be honest and true fans will start to follow your social networks.

Grow your Social Value

Distributors, media and your fans will check if there is an engaged community.

  • Prove to Distributors you have an in-built audience
  • Excite fans to become true fans to share your content

See the Audience Calculator that is an easy way to estimate the value of your followers.

Your Social Value defines the deals you make with Distributors

Convert your Film Audience