Making a film is a business and you need to make a profit for yourself and your film investors.

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This step-by-step guide shows you how to find film funding, grow your audience, get your film into production and finally sell your film to make a profit.

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Upcoming Film Grants Open
Telefilm Canada Funding for Canadian Filmmakers 27 March, 2023
Movies that Matter Funding for Film Festivals 28 March, 2023
CrossCurrents Doc Funds Underrepresented Filmmakers 5 April, 2023
Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program Equipment for Student Filmmakers 7 April, 2023
IDFA Bertha Fund Underrepresented Countries Fund 1 May, 2023
IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund Documentary Fund for US Filmmakers 1 May, 2023
BIPOC Filmmaker Grant Bicycles Stories for Student Filmmakers 2 May, 2023
NEH Media Production Grant Humanitarian Documentary Fund for US Filmmakers 9 May, 2023
SFFILM Documentary Film Fund Documentaries in Post Production Fund 12 May, 2023
AXS Film Fund Filmmakers with Disabilities in the US 1 June, 2023