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Vision Maker Public Media Fund

Vision Maker Media funds Native American and Alaska Native media at all stages of development.

Vision Maker Media seeks public media film and television projects that are intended and appropriate for Public Media Television Broadcasting, including Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) digital and streaming platforms, that represent the cultures, experiences, and perspectives of Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

This funding program supports specific programs enable your local television stations to deliver high-quality noncommercial programs and services that you can't find elsewhere.

Their mission is empowering and engaging Native people to share stories. They envision a world changed and healed by understanding Native stories and the public conversations they generate. 

Why Native Media? It's no secret. Our world revolves around media. It connects us, influences us, and educates us. We welcome it into our homes through our televisions.

We share it with our families through social media. Which is why Native representation in the media is so important. Especially at a time when media is so significant to who we are as a society-it's essential that Native voices are part of the narrative. 

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