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Nederlands Filmfonds

The Fund supports the realisation of minority co-production feature films, long animated films and documentaries. 

To qualify for a contribution the film production must be of exceptional artistic quality in international co-production terms and show evidence of substantial creative and technical input by film professionals from the Netherlands.

The application must show:

  • that 50% of the financing from the main producer’s country of establishment has been confirmed;
  • that the total contribution of Dutch funds and market participants in the realisation of the film production comes to at least 10% of total production costs;
  • in a signed declaration how tasks and responsibilities are divided between the foreign majority co-producer and Dutch minority co-producer and how the co-production is defined;
  • that the national cinema release is guaranteed in the country of the majority co-producer by a film distributor or market participants in the local exploitation chain.
Current Status
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