Film Marketing Plan

Film Marketing Plan

You now hold a card that Hollywood doesn’t have, your own fanbase. With a Film Marketing Plan you can now market directly to film audiences at the fraction of traditional Hollywood marketing budgets.

35 to 50 thousand films are being made each year, but only 600 get onto the film festival circuit. You need a tight group of fans that will support you from pre-production to release. But how do you do that, how can you get people excited about your film while it is still in development?

For instance Sundance only screens about 200 films, so your chances are slim without a following to be accepted.

Why are you making a film?

Let’s be straight, do you have the balls to devote the next couple of years to make your vision a reality?

Are you hoping to show your film on theatrical screen or a Youtube release?
You need to work out if you have a subject that will interest the largest audience.

There are reasons people make films, and we need to keep that in mind as we go forward with outlining your marketing plan.

Define your Film Marketing Goals

Do you want to make lots of money? You obviously already surrounded by investors with deep pockets.
You want a wide audience to get awards and fame
You want to launch your career to prepare for your next film
You want to change the world with an aspiring story

Depending on what you chose, we are going to refine a message and broadcast to your excited fans.

But successful brands like Coke always do advertising in regional languages featuring local film stars . That should be done in the case of Hollywood movies marketing too."

Movies have to marketed to different audiences just like Coca Cola does for each territory.

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Film Promotion and Marketing
Film promotion ideas
Movie advertising
Movie promotion
Movie promotion ideas
Who is your Audience
Where to find your targeted audience
How large is your audience
What is the viability of your campaign
Film Marketing Strategy
Film Marketing Budget and Predictions

Film Marketing Plan Template

Plan your Schedule by Department through to campaign launch.

  • Build a profile of your perfect audience member
  • Define your genre and keywords
  • Analyze the statistics, how many targets can you reach
  • Build your website and create social accounts
  • Find organisations, social influencers and partners to grow your email database
  • Write relevant articles, press releases and design artwork
  • Complete your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Launch your Film campaign!

Included in the Film Marketing Plan:

Film Marketing Plan Template
Film Marketing Strategy Template
Film Marketing Schedule Template
Marketing Budget
Film Marketing Schedule
Goals by Department Team
Sponsorship Deck
Genre Examples
Audience Profile Template Personas

Now that we have a good idea how large our target audience is, let's set up the website and social media accounts. Social media presence.

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