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Sell Film on KweliTV

We screen award-winning indie films, documentaries, web series and kids shows celebrating global black stories.

To meet our guidelines, your completed project must include a lead character of African descent. Our mission is to amplify storytellers of African descent with nearly 91% of our filmmakers being black. However, we review/consider films by content creators of all ethnicities.

Each title that is submitted to kweliTV goes through a review process to see if it fits our mission, ethics and standards. If we believe your film/documentary/series meets our guidelines, we will follow back up with you with next steps. 

Because of the high volume of submissions, we are unable to reply back to everyone. At this time, we can only get back to creators that we’re moving forward with. 

Submission Notes
We primarily accept films that have been 'official selections' at film festivals. When submitting your film, you must include the festival(s) your film or documentary have been accepted into or the submission will not be reviewed. The only exception are episodic web series.