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We accept all documentaries, essays and experimental films that reflect a diversity of genres and different forms of cinematic approaches. 

EURODOC fosters the development of documentary film projects in a highly challenging and creative manner.

The primary mission of EURODOC is the organization of a yearly training program for producers with a creative documentary project in the development stage.

It is also open to professionals involved in the support of documentary film production. 

The yearly training is organized in 3 one-week residential sessions (in 3 different European countries), spread over one year. 

Producers or filmmaker-producers, professionals who usually have prior experience as producers, who are ready to embark on a new stage in their career (i.e. they have recently created their production company).

Experienced producers may also follow the training program to widen their network and strengthen specific skills.

These producers generally have experience as production managers and come to acquire skills to help them in the creative development of projects, as well as to gain heightened legitimacy in their relations with the film directors they support. We also welcome junior producers.

Professionals from the documentary industry:

Commissioning executives from the documentary departments of TV channels, representatives from film funds or institutions that fund documentary projects, all of whom are usually already quite experienced but also wish to gain more in-depth knowledge about coproduction systems.


EURODOC fosters the development of documentary film projects with high standards of quality and creativity.

The projects are evaluated based on their artistic content and their state of development.

Projects must be in development, preferably at an early production stage so that the participant can benefit fully from the training. Projects must also be suitable for a co-production and present guarantees in terms of feasibility. 

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