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Documentary Pitch Template

Documentary filmmakers, this is for you. Download your documentary proposal template, visual pitch deck, real world examples, and a detailed guide designed for you to win pitch competitions, get grants and convince investors.

Save immense time getting your documentary reading for funding.

The Documentary Funding Package is professionally designed for you to:

  • apply for Documentary Grants.
  • pitch your film at film markets..
  • get Producers and Investors on board.

What you receive:

  1. Documentary Proposal Template: (example text) in .doc
  2. Documentary Pitch Deck: (visual) in .ppt and on Canva
  3. Guide: Step-by-step instructions to write the Proposal
  4. Documentary Proposal Real World Example: in .pdf
  5. Optional: Download the full Documentary Grants Database (csv)
- 30%
Choose your Option

Documentary Proposal Template (.doc)

This 11-page template is straightforward and ready to use. Insert your information to tailor your documentary proposal for potential funders. It guides you through each development stage.

Documentary Pitch Deck Template (ppt and Canva)

This 10-page pitch deck template helps you create a professional and visually appealing presentation. Replace the text and images with your own to impress grants and investors.

Comprehensive Proposal Writing Guide

This 48-page guide provides step-by-step instructions for each section of your proposal, with examples to ensure thorough and convincing pitches.

  • Documentary Synopses: Write effective taglines, loglines, and choose the right genre and format.
  • Funding Sources: Identify bankable elements, budget types, and revenue projections.
  • Production Company: Assemble your cast and crew, plan production, and set realistic timelines.
  • Marketing Strategies: Define your audience, budget for marketing, and create compelling hooks.
  • Distribution Strategy: Highlight your documentary's selling points for effective distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Documentary Pitch Package?

A comprehensive toolkit for filmmakers to present their documentary ideas persuasively to investors and producers. Includes templates, a real-world proposal example, and a writing guide.

How can it benefit me?

Equips you with tools to write compelling narratives, visualize ideas, understand strategies, and cover all aspects of your proposal.

What does the Proposal Template include?

A 16-page fill-in-the-blank template for tailoring your pitch to potential funders, covering style, audience, timeline, budget, marketing, and distribution strategies.

What formats are available?

The Proposal Template is in .doc format, while the Pitch Deck Template is available in PowerPoint (.ppt) formats.

Is the Pitch Deck Template customizable?

Yes, it's fully customizable. Replace the text and images to create a personalized presentation.

What insights does the Proposal Example provide?

Offers valuable insights into successful documentary pitches, helping you write your own compelling proposal.

What guidance does the Writing Guide provide?

Step-by-step instructions for each section of your proposal, complete with examples.

What additional resources are included?

Resources on writing synopses, identifying funding, assembling a team, defining marketing strategies, and planning distribution.

How can I access it?

Upon purchase, you'll receive digital copies of all included materials.

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