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Documentary Pitch Template Package

The Documentary Funding Package is professionally designed for you to:

  • apply for Documentary Grants.
  • pitch your film in Cannes.
  • get Producers and Investors on board.

What you receive:

  1. Documentary Proposal Template: (example text) in .doc
  2. Documentary Pitch Deck: (visual) in .ppt and on Canva
  3. Guide: Step-by-step instructions to write the Proposal
  4. Documentary Proposal Real World Example: in .pdf
  5. Optional: Download the full Documentary Grants Database (csv)
- 50%
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Documentary Proposal Template (.doc)

This 11-page template is straightforward to use, it is already filled in, you just insert your information to tailor your documentary proposal for potential funders. 

No matter at what stage you are in development, as you progress the template will guide you to your next steps.


Documentary Pitch Deck Template (ppt and Canva)

This 10-page pitch deck template is perfect to professionally pitch your film to grants and investors. It creating a visually appealing presentation that supports your written proposal, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Just replace the text and images with your own, you good to go.

Documentary Visual Pitch Deck (ppt)


Comprehensive Proposal Writing Guide

This 48-page guide provides clear, step-by-step instructions for every section of your proposal (with examples), ensuring you present a thorough and convincing pitch covering all necessary aspects.

  • Documentary Synopses: Techniques for writing effective taglines, loglines, and selecting the right genre and format for your documentary.
  • Documentary Funding Sources: Insights into identifying bankable elements, budget types, and revenue projections crucial for securing funding.
  • Documentary Production Company: Guidance on assembling your cast and crew, production planning, and setting realistic timelines.
  • Documentary Marketing Strategies: Strategies for defining your audience demographics, budgeting for marketing, and creating compelling calls to action and film hooks.
  • Documentary Distribution Strategy: Advice on highlighting your documentary's selling points, themes, and topics for effective distribution.

Optional: Documentary Grants Database

Download the full Documentary Grants Database (40 grants in .csv) Includes open and closing deadlines plus direct link to submission forms.

Optional Film Grants Database (csv)

This is an excellent opportunity to take your documentary to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Documentary Pitch Package?

The Documentary Pitch Package is a comprehensive toolkit designed for filmmakers aiming to present their documentary ideas persuasively to investors and producers. It includes a Documentary Proposal Template, a Documentary Pitch Deck Template, a real-world Documentary Proposal Example, and a comprehensive Proposal Writing Guide.

How can the Documentary Pitch Package benefit me as a filmmaker?

This package equips you with essential tools for successful pitch preparation, helping you craft a compelling narrative for your documentary, visualize your ideas with a pitch deck, understand effective strategies through a real-world example, and follow step-by-step instructions to cover all aspects of your proposal.

What does the Documentary Proposal Template include?

The 16-page template offers a fill-in-the-blank format that guides you through tailoring your pitch to potential funders, covering aspects like style, audience, production timeline, budget, marketing, and distribution strategies.

Can I use the Documentary Pitch Package to pitch at major film events?

Absolutely, the package is perfect for pitching your documentary at significant film industry events such as Cannes at MIPCOM, MIPTV, and the Cannes Film Festival, thanks to its comprehensive and professional design.

What formats do the templates come in?

The Documentary Proposal Template is provided in a .doc format, while the Documentary Pitch Deck Template is available in both PowerPoint (.ppt) and Canva formats for flexibility and ease of use.

Is the Documentary Pitch Deck Template customizable?

Yes, the 10-page pitch deck template is fully customizable. You can easily replace the text and images with your own content to create a visually appealing presentation that complements your written proposal.

What insights can I gain from the Documentary Proposal Example?

The example proposal offers valuable insights into effective strategies and structures used in successful documentary pitches, helping you understand how to craft a compelling proposal of your own.

What kind of guidance does the Proposal Writing Guide provide?

The 48-page guide offers clear, step-by-step instructions for each section of your proposal, complete with examples, to ensure you present a thorough and convincing pitch that covers all necessary aspects.

What additional resources are included in the package?

The package provides resources on writing effective documentary synopses, identifying funding sources, assembling a production team, defining marketing strategies, and planning for distribution, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your documentary project.

How can I access the Documentary Pitch Package?

Upon purchasing the package, you will receive digital copies of the Documentary Proposal Template (.doc), the Documentary Pitch Deck Template (ppt and Canva), the Documentary Proposal Example (.pdf), and the comprehensive Proposal Writing Guide.

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