Film Production Templates

Here we put together all the film production templates to run your film production successfully

  1. Film Budget Templates: from development to post-production in Excel format.
  2. Film Contract Templates: script, crew, cast to locations, we got you covered.
  3. Film Production Form Templates: time sheets, schedules to contact lists for a neat production office.
  4. Actor Contracts: actor contracts and everything you need to run your casting department efficiently.
  5. Camera Department: camera crew contracts, time sheets, camera check lists for your cinematographer.
  6. Film Location Templates: location agreements and checklists to secure the location on your film shoot.

This Film Production Template Package includes all the files below or you can select individually.

Actor Contract

Contract between Actor and a Production Company

Art Prop Sign Out Form

Return of props and art to props houses template

Camera Checklist (16 and 35mm Cameras)

Gear check for 16 and 35mm cameras for proper functioning

Camera Crew Time Sheet

Weekly hours worked of each camera department crew member

Camera Daily Report

Daily report of footage shot and lenses used per scene

Camera Department Contact List

Detailed contact list of each crew member in the camera department

Camera Department Deal Memo

Deal Memo Template / Contract for each crew member in the camera department

Camera Department Expendables Checklist

Expendables Checklist: cloth, charts and tape

Camera Lighting Design Template

Plan the placement of the camera and lights in each scene

Camera Preparation Checklist

Gearcheck to make sure camera is functioning correctly

Camera Shot Descriptions

Angle and shot descriptions used in camera, continuity and editors reports

Cast Contact List

Detailed contact and agent list of all cast members

Cast Details

Performers details (dress, shoe size etc) for wardrobe department

Cast Scene Breakdown

Daily cast required per scene

Cast Sign-In Sheet Daily

Form for Performers and Extras to sign in when they arrive on set

Casting Assessment

Detailed assessment of performance during casting

Casting Director Contract

Agreement between Casting Director and Production Company

Catering Agreement

Contract / Agreement with catering company

Catering Schedule

Daily Schedule for catering

Courier Log

Keep track of courier send and deliveries on your movie

Equipment Rental Log

Detailed log of your film equipment rentals

Film Budget by Percentages

Estimate what each Department is going to cost you in percentages

Film Budget Extensive

Detailed Film Budget with Top Sheet for projects up to $5 million

Film Budget for Dailies

Detailed budget to auto-calculate your dailies costs

Film Budget for Documentary

Documentary budget that includes the calculation of grants, donations and fundraising income

Film Budget for Short Films

A basic one-page budget for short films

Film Call Sheet Template

A standard 2-page call sheet template for your next film production

Film Crew Contact List

Detailed crew contacts, address and telephone numbers

Film Crew Contract

Film Production Deal Memo for your Crew

Film Director Contract

Production contract with the Film Director on delivery and expectations of services

Film Finder Agreement

Agreement with a person that has brought a project of interest and should be compensated

Film Location Agreement (Extensive)

5-page film location agreement

Film Non Disclosure Agreement

Confidentiality agreement (NDA) to safeguard your script or film business plan

Film Research and Development Budget

Research and Development Budget to calculate the costs of pre-production

Legal Check List

Detailed 5-page check list of all your legal requirements for your film production

Location Check List

Check list for location manager on site visit

Location Crowd Release Notice

Release notice to the crowd or passers by that appear in your film

Location Fact Sheet

Check list for locations, parking, power sources etc

Location Notice of Filming Letter to Residents

Notice of filming to residents and businesses

Location Return Release

Release form with location on completion of shoot

Model Release

Contract with models to appear in your film

Music Video Contract

Deal Memo with your cast and crew on Music Videos

Open and Closing Film Credits Template

7-page Film Credits Template to roll before and end of your film

Petty Cash Request

Production template for crew to request a cheque or petty cash

Product Placement Contract

Download the contract with a company that offers product placement in your film

Screenplay Option Agreement

Scriptwriter Contract to develop or re-write a film for a determined period

Script Acquisition Agreement

Agreement between Scriptwriter and Production Company / Producer to buy the film script

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