Film Production Company

To start a film production company you need film budgets, contracts and forms on a daily basis.
Start a Film Production Company

Here we put together all the film production templates you need to run your production successfully.

Film Budgets, Contracts and Forms

The Film Production Company includes the following files

  1. Film Budgets: Extensive Budget, Development Budget, Budget by Percentages
  2. Film Contracts: Contracts for Script, Crew, Cast, Locations and Non Disclosure Agreement
  3. Film Production Forms: Callsheet, Timesheets, Schedule, Contact Lists for a neat production office
  4. Actors and Casting: Actors to Casting, everything you need to run your casting department efficiently
  5. Camera Department: Camera Deal Memo, Time Sheets, Camera Lighting Design Template and more
  6. Film Locations: Location Agreements, fact sheets to secure the location on your film shoot
Below are all the files included in detail
Model Release

Contract with models to appear in your film

Music Video Contract

Deal Memo with your cast and crew on Music Videos

Open and Closing Film Credits Template

7-page Film Credits Template to roll before and end of your film.

Petty Cash Request

Production template for crew to request a cheque or petty cash

Product Placement Release

Contract with company that offers product placement

Screenplay Option Agreement

7-page Scriptwriter Contract to develop or re-write a film for a determined period.

Script Acquisition Agreement

Agreement between Scriptwriter and Production Company / Producer to buy the film script

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