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Film Grants - 2024


Documentary Development for European Filmmakers

We accept all documentaries, essays and experimental films that reflect a diversity of genres and different forms of cinematic approaches. 

Hubert Bals Fund

Develop Funding for European Filmmakers

Filmmakers with a project in early development can apply for Script and Project Development Support.

Nederlands Filmfonds

Minority Documentaries and Feature Films

The Fund supports the realisation of minority co-production feature films, long animated films and documentaries.

Roy W. Dean Film Grants

Positive Projects Worldwide

Roy W Dean Film Grants fund independent feature films, documentaries, web series, and short films with budgets of $500,000 or less that are unique and make a contribution to society.

The Miller / Packan Film Fund

Fund Inspirational Documentaries

The Miller / Packan Film Fund supports documentaries that Educate, Inspire and Enrich. The Fund is financed through the Rogovy Foundation.

Whickers World Foundation

Documentary Fund for Emerging Filmmakers

The Film & TV Funding Award is awarded annually to an emerging filmmaker from anywhere in the world with the most promising pitch for a director-led documentary.