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Film Press Kit

Download a film press kit template to send to media, film festivals and distributors
Film Promotion

Your film needs to quickly gain interest with detailed project information. It is crucial in terms of promotion.

What is a Film Press Kit

A Film Press Kit is your advertisement that you send to the media, film festivals, distributors to get exposure.

Included in the Film Press Kit

7-page document that will get interest to promote your film.

  1. Present your Film: Logline, synopsis
  2. Film Details: Genre, running time, format, etc
  3. Key Team Biographies
  4. Frequent questions answered
  5. Image Gallery
  6. Trivia for interest
  7. Contact Details

Electronic Press Kit for Film

  • Lead with Key Art and Poster
  • Professional Trailer that appeals to your audience
  • Website that is clear to navigate
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