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Film Press Kit

Your film needs to quickly gain interest with detailed project information. It is crucial in terms of promotion.

What is a Film Press Kit

A film press kit is a promotional tool used by filmmakers to generate interest and promote their film to the media, potential distributors, and other industry professionals. A typical film press kit may include the following elements:

  1. Film Synopsis: A brief overview of the film's plot and key themes.
  2. Director's Statement: A statement from the director explaining their vision and motivations for making the film.
  3. Cast and Crew Information: Biographies of the key actors, directors, producers, and other members of the film crew.
  4. Production Stills: High-quality photographs of key scenes and characters from the film.
  5. Trailer or Teaser: A short, attention-grabbing video that gives a glimpse of the film's tone and style.
  6. Film Poster: A visual representation of the film, typically designed for promotional purposes.
  7. Reviews and Quotes: Positive quotes from film critics and journalists who have already seen the film.
  8. Press Release: A detailed and well-written statement that summarizes the film's key elements and highlights its unique qualities.

The goal of a film press kit is to create interest and excitement about the film, and to make it easy for journalists and industry professionals to learn more about the film and its makers.

Included in the Film Press Kit

7-page document that will get interest to promote your film.

  1. Present your Film: Logline, synopsis
  2. Film Details: Genre, running time, format, etc
  3. Key Team Biographies
  4. Frequent questions answered
  5. Image Gallery
  6. Trivia for interest
  7. Contact Details

Electronic Press Kit for Film

  • Lead with Key Art and Poster
  • Professional Trailer that appeals to your audience
  • Website that is clear to navigate
- 30%
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