Hatched provides support to US-based filmmakers who are nearing completion or have recently completed a documentary film and who have plans to strategize, build, and launch an impact campaign.

The program focuses on the lifecycle of documentary films in distribution with masterclasses on festivals, awards season, markets and impact campaigns. 

Through Project: Hatched, six short-, medium-, and/or feature-length documentary documentary projects will:

  • Participate in a seven-month program running from April to October 2022
  • Receive a $30,000 grant, with at least $15,000 to be allocated towards an impact campaign (up to $15,000 may be used for film completion, including expenses already incurred)
  • Participate in mentorship consultations with Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Senior Creative Consultants focused on impact campaign strategy and professional development 

To be eligible to apply for the Project: Hatched:

  • be directed or co-directed by a self-identified woman or gender nonconforming director based in the US*;
  • focus on a range of social justice themes and issues taking place in the US and US territories;
  • be a short (up to 30 minutes), medium-length (30-50 minutes) or feature-length (50 minutes or more) documentary/nonfiction film;
  • have a director committed to and with plans of launching an impact campaign;
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Documentary Marketing for American Female Filmmakers