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Vimeo on Demand

Make more money from your videos by selling directly to your fans.
Sell Film on Vimeo on Demand

Vimeo is much more than a viewing destination. It's a start-to-finish video platform giving creative professionals, businesses and organizations everything they need to make and market amazing, impactful videos.

Vimeo serves a global community - from award-winning filmmakers to popular fitness gurus and everything in between. We're proud to show it off wherever and whenever we can.

  • 90/10 revenue share after transaction costs
  • Rent, buy, or subscription options
  • Flexible packaging and pricing
  • Worldwide or targeted distribution
  • Streaming + DRM-free downloads
  • Sell across desktop, mobile web, and Roku
  • Stream on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast
  • Gorgeous, customizable pages
  • Embeddable ad-free player with purchase button
  • Captions and subtitle support
  • Stats for sales, plays, and more
  • Tools for messaging your fans
  • Crowdfunding fulfillment + screeners
  • Promo codes and discounts
  • Multiple currencies
  • Easy API integration
  • Sell standard or 360 video
Submission Notes
Keep in mind, your viewers need to login to Vimeo to watch your film