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The Goal of

FilmDaily is created with the purpose of independent filmmakers to fund their films, grow their audience and get distribution.

For Filmmakers:

  1. develop your film into a viable project
  2. find and grow your online audience
  3. find distribution opportunities

For Film Grants and Funders:

  1. list your company in the directory
  2. be found by filmmakers to submit qualified and professional content

Who is is developed and maintained by Lilian Baksalevowicz, a veteran filmmaker that has marketed the film industry since 2001 and developing films ready for funding.

Currently our combined newsletter database is 80,000+ professional filmmakers plus a following of 60,000+ social followers. is the step to take projects forward into production.

Where is Filmdaily based?

FilmDaily is based in Cannes, France and has access to Cannes Film Festival, MIPTV and MIPCOM.

Do you fund films?

No, we guide films from development toward distribution. For funding see Film Grants Directory

How to contact

Email lilian (at), keep in mind I'm in France so our time zones may differ. Will respond as fast as possible.

Alternatively through our social media channels.

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