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Logline Examples by Genre

Logline Examples for Genre Films

Check out our list of logline examples by genre, providing a diverse logline examples that illustrate how to write the core of a story across various genres into one or two compelling sentences.

  1.  Sci-Fi: “In a post-apocalyptic world where memories can be traded, a young woman with a unique ability becomes the target of power-hungry factions, forcing her to choose between her survival and the future of humanity.”
  2. Romantic Comedy: “When a cynical wedding planner, recovering from a failed romance, is assigned to plan her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she must confront her past feelings and ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.”
  3. Fantasy: “Trapped in a mystical land ruled by dragons, a timid librarian discovers she’s the last Dragon Whisperer and must rally an unlikely group of allies to prevent an eternal war.”
  4. Horror: “After moving into a secluded mansion, a family discovers it’s inhabited by vengeful spirits of its previous owners, and they must solve the house’s mystery before becoming permanent residents.”
  5. Drama: “A renowned pianist, diagnosed with a degenerative hearing disorder, embarks on a journey to reconnect with his estranged family before his world goes silent.”
  6. Action: “When a retired hitman’s daughter is kidnapped by his old enemies, he’s forced back into the underworld for one final mission to save her, unraveling dark secrets along the way.”
  7. Historical: “During WWII, a fearless nurse in occupied France joins the resistance to save Jewish children from Nazi persecution, risking her life and confronting personal betrayals.”
  8. Thriller: “A tech-savvy journalist stumbles upon a global conspiracy when her artificial intelligence assistant starts sending her cryptic messages, leading her down a dangerous path of secrets and lies.”
  9. Mystery: “In a sleepy coastal town, a detective with a troubled past is drawn into a complex web of intrigue when a series of seemingly unrelated murders all point to a decades-old secret.”
  10. Adventure: “Tasked with finding a legendary lost city in the Amazon, a bumbling professor and a cunning thief form an unlikely alliance, navigating treacherous terrains and battling rival explorers.”

These logline examples illustrate the range and flexibility of loglines, showcasing character, conflict, and stakes in just a sentence or two.