What is a Logline?

What is a Logline?


You always need a Film Business Plan to get funding from grants and investors.

The logline is also called 'elevator pitch' for the reason that you must be able to explain within 10 seconds what your film is about. Imagine, you have a film producer standing in front of you, and he says ok, pitch me the film.

How to write a Logline

A logline tells the essence of your story, stimulating excitement without giving the full story away. A good logline consists of three major elements: the character, the character’s goal and the obstacle to overcome. You need a logline to develop and market your story.

Why you need a Logline

  • for you to test your concept
  • to market the script to producers
  • for the producer to market the project to financiers
  • when the sales agent sells your film to distributors
  • when the exhibitor advertises the film to the audience
  • when the distributor packages the DVD
  • for advertising in print, online etc

The Structure of a LogLine

The logline should include the The Who, What, When, Why and How.

Here is an example of the documentary logline structure of Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune:

The protagonist: Cult film director ..
The goal of the protagonist: Cult film directors’s ambitious film adaption ...
The antagonist or obstacle: Cult film directors’s ambitious film adaption of a seminal science fiction novel

See more Logline Formula examples

Where to find examples of Loglines

  1. The one-sentence program summary in your TV Guide
  2. Check IMDB listings
  3. See Top Documentary Loglines
  4. See Top Box Office Logline Examples

Logline vs Tagline?

  • The logline is the pitch of the movie to sell the idea to producers, distributors and audiences.
  • The tagline is the one-liner on the poster, not more than 5 words that will resonate instantly.

Lists of [character traits] and [dynamic actions]

Let’s give depth to your loglines by using [character trait] and [dynamic actions] to get the reader to quickly grasp the character and story.

Remember the formula: When a [major event], the [character trait] hero, must [dynamic action] to overcome [obstacle]

The following lists will make it easier for you to find descriptive words for your logline.

[node:title]Download the Essential Lists of Dynamic Actions and Character Traits

  • List of 752 [character traits] = meek, spirited, aging, etc
  • List of 79 [dynamic actions]= defy, revive, reveal, etc

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How to Write a Logline for your Film

How to Write a Logline for your Film

The logline is the short summary of your film which must entice the interest of your audience in under 40 words. It makes the reader, producer and audience want to know more about your story. Here is how to write your exciting #logline.

Top Box Office Logline Examples

Top Box Office Logline Examples

If you have a perfectly constructed logline that genuinely taps into the essence of what your film is all about, then its meaning should resonate on every page of your script. Here is the list of the best logline examples for feature films that became box office hits.

The Perfect Formula to an Irresistible Logline

The Perfect Formula to an Irresistible Logline

Scriptwriters put a lot of effort in perfecting the script, but not much attention over how to sell it. You have been working tirelessly and one day, you run into the perfect producer in the elevator. This is once in a lifetime opportunity and you have less than 30 seconds to sell your story.

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