Film Income Projections

Film Income Projections calculates the average income of 5 films so that you can estimate what your film could earn.
Convince Investors with Expected Return

You are able to calculate a predicted return on investment by comparing films in same budget range and genre.

Income Predictions Template

Income Projections Calculator

Note: This Film Revenue Projections is add-on to the Film Business Plan

How to calculate Film Income Projections

  1. Find 5 films in a similar genre and budget as your film
  2. Add their domestic and foreign sales income in each column
  3. Add your estimated print and advertising costs
  4. Add the percentage you will pay to Producers and Distributors

Voila! The Film Revenue template will calculate the average income of the 5 films, minus your costs, and you get a prediction of what your film and investors will earn. 

* The template is a ready example and shows you where you can find similar films for predictions.