Film Funding

Powerful film funding tools to support your independent film
Fund your Film

Film Business Plan

A Film Business Plan is a document you need to show investors so they can understand your concept and costs involved.

How to Fund your Film

Here are the steps to get film funding from film investors. Prepare your project ready for film finance from grants and investment companies.

Film Proposal Template

Introduce your film in the early stage of development. It as an abbreviated document or top sheet of the film business plan.

Film Income Projections

You are able to calculate a predicted return on investment by comparing films in same budget range and genre.

What is film funding

Film funding is the process before you go into pre-production to raise the money for a film project. It needs to be realistic in expectations on return of investment.

How to get funding for a film

Film funding can be sourced from a variety of sources such as Government Funding, Tax Incentives, Pre Sales, Negative pick-up deal, Gap Financing, Fiscal Sponsorships, Film Grants, Product Placement, Private Investors and Crowdfunding.


Get Film Funding with a Film Business Plan