Film Funding

Powerful film funding tools to support your independent film

What is Film Funding?

Film funding is the process before you go into pre-production to raise the money for a film project. It needs to be realistic in expectations on return of investment.

How to get funding for a film

Film funding can be sourced from a variety of sources such as Government Funding, Tax Incentives, Pre Sales, Negative pick-up deal, Gap Financing, Fiscal Sponsorships, Film Grants, Product Placement, Private Investors and Crowdfunding.

Get funded by investors with a professional film business plan
Upcoming International Film Grants available to filmmakers living anywhere in the world.
The film proposal template is a document that gives a teaser overview of your project.
How and where to find financing for your film
Film Income Projections calculates the average income of 5 films so that you can estimate what your film could earn.
How to Fund your Film