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How to make money by shooting a video on your phone

To make a video on a phone has never been easier. Here we show you how to shoot a video in one shot without editing or software and you can upload it directly to YouTube in one go.

First things first, you would like to make money for your video, so this is the plan:

Find a Client

We need a client, so think of every small business around you that might give you money (even if it's just a little bit), maybe a music video, a hairdresser, your favorite bakery, a car repair shop, the possibilities are endless. ... and you will put their business on YouTube! We are going to write a short story (would be best if it was funny to give it a better chance on going viral on YouTube), make a video and then your client will share your film with their customers and friends. The more videos you make, the better you will get and soon your services will be in demand!

Let's Write the Script

Write a 1-minute script (don't worry 60 seconds is a long time) which we are going to construct so that you can shoot the video on your phone without editing, all in one shot. Place the story in your client's environment, so if it's the hairdresser make the story happen in the salon. That way you already have a place to make your video.

All you need to do is replace the scenes below with your own shots and dialogue to plan your story.

Really think of your client and what story they would enjoy that includes their business. Violence will not work, try romance, a funny story or something positive.

Make the Video on Your Phone : Shot List

Remember we are shooting the video in one shot with movement (uninterrupted), you have to get your shot list worked out perfectly.

Start with the Establishing Shot

Camera Movement: Keep the camera still for the first couple of seconds and let the action happen. This shot will show your audience the place your film is set in.


The door opens with a BANG and men walk into the room, the Stranger waves for others to stay back and walks up to the Main Character.

Main Character lights up a cigarette slowly ..


In your own words, what does the character say?

Move Forward into the Wide Shot

Camera Movement: Get closer so that you have your characters take up full frame as much as possible.


In your own words, what does the Stranger say?

Move Forward and Swing into the Over Shoulder Shot

Camera Movement: Go a little behind the Stranger so that you are shooting over his shoulder. This shot is the point of view focusing on the character that will have an action.


In your own words, what does the Main character say? . . create tension.

Pan Right into the Reaction Shot

Camera Movement: While the Main Character is talking slowly move back and then swing (pan right) to get the Gangsters face into frame. As in the name, we now get the reaction from the previous scene.


In your own words, what does the character say? Try make it funny.

Pan Left into the Close Up Shot

Camera Movement: Swing back (pan left) to your Main Character and slowly move closer to the subject. This frame is emotional and fills the frame with your subject.


Main Character then slowly starts to smile

In your own words, what does the Main character say? Try mention your client.

Tilt Down into the Product Shot

Camera Movement: Slowly point your camera down (tilt) till you have the product perfectly in your frame and hold a couple of seconds. Here comes the money shot that will make your investors happy.

Show Your Clients Product or Logo.

DONE! You now how to make a short video on your phone that makes money from a client

Things to Remember

  1. If you stop recording between the frames you have to start again.
  2. Always keep your camera horizontal (landscape mode) so that it looks like a television.
  3. Keep the surroundings very quiet (otherwise get a lapel mic) and be careful of wind.
  4. Hold the camera as close to your body as possible to minimize shaking when you make a video.
  5. Make sure the subjects have light and no strange shadows, nice and clean.
  6. Practice the movement many times before you go to make the video at your client so it's done quickly and professionally.

Watch the Music Video that is all done in 1 shot: 

How to upload your Video to YouTube:

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