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Film Revenue Projections

Convincing investors to back your film involves proving that your film can make money. You need to show film income predictions which are comparisons of similar films to yours in terms of genre and budget, calculate the average, the result will be predicted income of your film.

Understanding the Market

Start by looking at similar films in terms of genre, budget, and audience. This helps set a realistic foundation for your financial expectations.

  • What to Do: Check out how similar movies performed in terms of box office sales, online streaming popularity, and audience feedback.
  • Where to Look: Websites like Box Office Mojo and The Numbers give detailed earnings data. For broader industry insights, consider the Motion Picture Association and Variety Insight. IMDbPro is also great for detailed film performance metrics.

Box Office Revenue

Theatrical releases can be a major income source. Predicting box office success involves looking at factors like timing, competition, and current trends.

Streaming and Digital Revenue

Online platforms offer significant earning potential. Estimating this revenue involves understanding current streaming trends and how your film fits into the digital space.

  • Strategy: Look at the current streaming landscape and industry trends, considering the appeal of your film to online audiences.
  • Resources: Parrot Analytics and Ampere Analysis provide streaming viewership data. Broader market trends can be found through Nielsen and Kantar.

TV Rights

Selling broadcasting rights to TV networks can also bring in revenue. Assessing your film's fit for TV and its attractiveness to networks is crucial.

Physical Media Sales

DVDs and Blu-rays can still generate sales, especially among certain audiences.


Merchandise related to your film can open up additional revenue streams, particularly for movies with strong themes or characters.

  • Merchandising Potential: Evaluate the potential for merchandising based on your film's content and audience.
  • Research Sources: Nielsen and Euromonitor give data on consumer goods and trends, with Licensing International focusing on entertainment licensing.

International Sales

Expanding into international markets can significantly boost your film's revenue. Understanding global trends and preferences is key.

  • International Strategy: Consider global distribution channels and cultural tastes.
  • Data Resources: International box office data is available on Comscore, with specialized reports from the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Secondary Markets

Film festivals, special screenings, and educational rights can provide additional income. Exploring these avenues can unlock new opportunities.

  • Exploration: Look for festivals and educational sectors that might be interested in your film.
  • Useful Resources: Festival performance and market trends can be found in reports and publications like Screen International.

Key Resources for Filmmakers

Here are some essential tools and resources for filmmakers needing data and statistics for realistic financial projections:

Incorporating detailed, well-researched financial projections into your Film Business Plan not only helps attract potential investors but also sets a strong foundation for your project's success.

Film Income Projections Calculator

Film Revenue Projections

Download your Film Income Projections in Excel that will calculate your estimated income between 5 films. Prove to investors your film is viable.

Note: This file is included in the Film Business Plan

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Limited Time 50% Discount

How to calculate Film Income Projections

  1. Find 5 films in a similar genre and budget as your film
  2. Add their domestic and foreign sales income in each column
  3. Add your estimated print and advertising costs
  4. Add the percentage you will pay to Producers and Distributors

Voila! The Film Revenue template will calculate the average income of the 5 films, minus your costs, and you get a prediction of what your film and investors will earn. 

* The template is a ready example and shows you where you can find similar films for predictions.

Convince Investors with Expected Return