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Film Income Projections

Gain investor confidence by showcasing the potential profitability of your film. Our Excel sheet estimates your film's revenue by comparing it with similar movies in terms of genre and budget. This comparison provides an average income forecast.

Suitable for filmmakers at all stages, this vital tool creates a persuasive, data-based financial forecast.

How to use the Film Income Projections Calculator

  1. Find 5 films in a similar genre and budget as your film. Sources provided.
  2. Add their domestic and foreign sales income in each column
  3. Add your estimated print and advertising costs
  4. Add the percentage you will pay to Producers and Distributors

Voila! The Film Revenue template will calculate the average income of the 5 films, minus your costs, and you get a prediction of what your film and investors will earn. 

Download your Film Income Projections template that is a filled in example and includes sources where you can find similar films and numbers for your predictions.

PC (Excel) and Mac (Numbers) versions available.

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Choose your Option
  • Resourceful Template: You'll receive a pre-filled example template and a curated list of sources to help gather the accurate data needed for effective financial projections.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Our tool is accessible on both PC (Excel) and Mac (Numbers), ensuring easy use across different operating systems.
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