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Sell Film on Indieflix

We like docs, narratives, TV, shorts and features from anywhere in the world. Our primary goal is edutainment. 

IndieFlix Group Inc is an American entertainment company offering global screening and streaming services that promote and support social impact films to create positive change in the world.

IndieFlix pioneered a revenue sharing system called RPM or Revenue Per Minute which pays filmmakers for every minute their movie is watched.

Each quarter, we set aside 50% of IndieFlix’s net subscription revenue for filmmakers. That revenue divided by the total number of minutes watched across all IndieFlix Streaming apps, determines the per-minute valuation.

Submission Notes
With IndieFlix Streaming, you reach a global audience. We also have the ability to geoblock, so if you have a need to restrict access in a specific region, we can work with you.