How to Distribute an Independent Film Online

Are you looking for distribution for your completed film or catalogue?

What is Indie Film Distribution?

Self distribution is where you act as your own distributor, you sell your film directly to a platform without third-party commissions, fees and charges.

How to Self Distribute my Film?

It's easy, we have built a film distribution directory for you, with a single click, submit your film directly to verified streaming platforms and services.

7 Ways to Distribute Independent Film

Times have changed, no need for middlemen and you stay in control of your income.

  1. Submit your film directly to streaming platforms and split the revenue
  2. Get a film aggregator to do the work for you
  3. Sell tickets for your film's online screening as an event
  4. If you have a large catalogue of films, create your own streaming platform
  5. Upload your film to an online marketplace, where buyers make you an offer
  6. Attend film markets to shop your film
  7. Let Cannes Film Agency make deals with the best options for your film.

Types of Indie Film Distribution