The Business of Film

The Business of Film

Making a film is a business and you need to follow a process to make a profit for yourself and your film investors. This step-by-step guide shows you how and where to find film finance and get your film to production.

Welcome to the adventure of making a successful film

Present your Film to Investors

To get film funding from grants, investors or private equity you need present a film proposal, film business plan and film revenue projections.

Here is the structure for your professional project

  1. Write a Film Proposal to get cast and crew on board

  2. Present a professional Film Business Plan to Investors

  3. Convince Investors with Film Revenue Predictions to fund your film

Start Here

Source Funding from Grants

There are several ways to raise film funding for your project, from film grants, tax rebates, private investment to crowdfunding, find the best options available to you.

  1. Documentary Grants

  2. Feature Film Grants

  3. Short Film Grants

  4. Film Grants for Women

  5. Film Grants for African Filmmakers

  6. Grants for Television Funding

  7. Screenwriter Scholarships

Apply for Film Grants

Film Production Templates

All the film production forms, templates and agreements you need in the Production Office. From a Call Sheet, Daily Production Report, Walkie Talkie signout to an Open and Closing Film Credits Template, we got your covered.

  1. Make your first film with the Film Starter Pack

  2. Keep your film on track with Film Budget Templates

  3. Protect your film with Film Contracts and Agreements

How to Start a Film Production Company

Film Marketing

The most essential part of a film is knowing who your audience is going to be and you need to market to them from day 1 of pre-production. Film marketing is connecting to the viewers that are going to take the time and spend money to see your film.

  1. How to Build a Film Website to Market your Film

  2. Grow your Film Fan Database with an Email Marketing Stategy

  3. Press Releases

  4. Media Database

How to Create a Press Kit

Film Distribution

The more avenues to get your film in front of viewers, the more income you will generate. From traditional distribution to VOD markets, you need distribution contracts to guarantee your ownership and income generation.

  1. Film Distribution Contracts

  2. Sales Agent Database

Essential Distribution Contracts

Everything your need to Succeed in Film Business is available to you instantly.


As a new filmmaker I have to say there is a lot of valuable information in the Film Business Plan. I am eager to put to use as we continue on our journey. I shared with our DP and he thought it was fantastic. Alex Photographer from Washington DC

As a creative producer, I’ve always struggled to get the business proposal correct for the money folk. Your guide has simplified that task for me, and I will use as a template for all my film projects going forward. James Creative Director / Producer from London

Your film proposal was extremely helpful, it gave me the skeleton I needed to move forward and conceptualize my film idea. Thanks so much! For a young filmmaker like myself, tools like this are invaluable! Matthew Actor, Director from Los Angeles