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Essential Forms for the Cinematographer

Camera Deal Memo, Time Sheets, Camera Lighting Design Template for Cinematographers
Contracts for the Camera Department
Note: This Camera Department files are also included in the Film Production Company
Camera Checklist (16 and 35mm Cameras)

Gear check for 16 and 35mm cameras for proper functioning

Camera Crew Time Sheet

Weekly hours worked of each camera department crew member

Camera Daily Report

Daily report of footage shot and lenses used per scene

Camera Department Contact List

Detailed contact list of each crew member in the camera department

Camera Department Deal Memo

Deal Memo Template / Contract for each crew member in the camera department

Camera Department Expendables Checklist

Expendables Checklist: cloth, charts and tape

Camera Lighting Design Template

Plan the placement of the camera and lights in each scene

Camera Preparation Checklist

Gearcheck to make sure camera is functioning correctly

Camera Shot Descriptions

Angle and shot descriptions used in camera, continuity and editors reports