Film Audience

Film Audience

Yes, it is possible to know exactly who your film audience is going to be. We are going to create a persona of your ideal audience, analyze their interests and then market to them.

Film Audience Development

We are going to pinpoint the demographics, interests and environment where they most likely to view your film.

Who is the Target Film Audience

The most essential part of a film is knowing who your audience is going to be and you need to market to them from day 1 of pre-production. Film marketing is connecting to the viewers that are going to take the time and spend money to see your film.

User Persona

You need a niched dedicated and excited group of film fans. Your mailing list needs to be interactive so that fans can start a conversation with you.

  1. Build a User Persona

  2. Define the Film Genre

  3. Audience Profile Template

  4. Find Your Audience Online

  5. How to find your film audience on social media

Audience is the most valuable asset when distributing your film. Should you self-distribute or go through an aggregator or sales agent, the value increases the larger your mailing list.

Film Audience Research

If you say my film is for 'everybody' you have a very low chance of getting people to see your film. What you need to do is look at your script and define the following:

  • What is the age group that wants to see my film
  • Are they male or female
  • What hobbies do they have
  • What makes them happy
  • What organisations or FB groups do they sign up to

Build a User Persona for Film

You will design 3 - 5 user persona's to reach different markets:

  • Different trailers for each market
  • Email marketing with a unique voice
  • Social media messages dependent on demographics
  • Silo your website for each target audience

Audience Profile Template

How to Find your Film Audience

We are going to go through a process of building your ideal movie viewer, then discover where they live, age-group, what are their interests, the language they use on social platforms. Then we going to expose your film's message to them for a minimum of 6 times on different media.

  • Define the Film Genre
  • Analyze the Keywords and Social Statistics
  • Build a Twitter Following
  • Grow a Facebook Community

How to Engage your Film Audience

  • Automated Social Network Posting
  • Build the important Mailing List
  • Drive traffic to your website with Content Marketing

How to find your film audience on social media

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