EPK Film Press Kit

EPK Film Press Kit

The EPK or Electronic Film Press Kit is your advertisement to the media, film festivals, distributors and your film audience.

Electronic Press Kit for Film

Film PR

What is include in a film press kit?

How to write a press release

Press Release to announce the start of a movie

Press Release for Film Festivals

Press Release for Niche Groups

Press Release to announce film in theatres

Film Promo

A Promo is like a little tiny hint as to what the product is. So for example, a picture of the Power Rangers in costume would be a promo.

A Teaser Trailer is a trailer’s little brother. It is like a one minute trailer before they release the main trailer. Basically it gets you excited to see the real trailer.

A Trailer is usually longer from about 2 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes. That’s the main trailer where you see much more content.

A TV Spot are those highly condensed trailers you see on TV that are either 30 seconds to one full minute.

In many cases, especially with regard to public perception and actual practice, it is almost a simple matter of semantics.

A teaser, for example, is often done before a movie is shot, often includes no actors or action, and is just provided to "tease" the audience about an upcoming release that could still be a year or more away. It gets things into the public discussion to build awareness early. It could even just be a bit of music with the title of the film and the words "coming next summer" -- boom: you've been teased. Tent pole films do this a lot.

A promo is anything that uses material from a film to promote it, whether a featurette or behind the scenes interview or whatever.

A trailer is a short, edited taste of what the movie promises to be, usually with some credits attached.

All of them are sales tools.

Film Press Kit

Artwork needed for a Film Press Kit

The difference between a Film Press Pack and an EPK for Film


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