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Cannes Films Unlimited

The purpose of the course is to offer 12 writers new to television drama an insight into how the industry works and to provide a “dry-run” of what it can be like to write under a television drama commission, specifically for one hour series and serial drama, and to work with them as they write an original drama script.

Writers will be expected to write an original C4 / E4 one-hour drama series or serial pilot episode, and 2-3 page outline / pitch for the series / serial as a whole.

Each writer will be assigned a script editor, who is currently working in the industry, to guide them through this process. Writers will meet at least twice with their script editor and should complete a 2nd draft script before the 2nd weekend of the course. Completed, 2nd draft scripts will be sent to the script editor and two other writers on the course, for workshop discussions at the second weekend.

CANNESFILMS Unlimited is a writing residency aimed at developing the next generation of screenwriters and original content that is distinctly European in flavor.

Candidates should reflect on the brief below and propose an original series relative to it in any genre. We are looking for strong and universal stories set in a European context; whether contemporary or historical, real or fictional. You might explore emblematic or little-known places, contemporary stories or revisited myths and legends.

No matter your focus, Europe should be at the heart of your proposed project.

Applications may be completed in English or French. During the residence, all sessions and written work will be in English. Therefore, all applicants must be sufficiently fluent in English in order to participate.



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