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How to Fund your Film

Here are the steps to get film funding from film investors. Prepare your project ready for film finance from grants and investment companies.

First you need to decide if your idea is a viable project. Remember making a film is a business, you need to make more income from your film than what you are going to spend on it in money and time.

Step 1. Start Development with a Film Proposal

Get Key Crew and Cast On Board

The Film Proposal Template is for early stage development, see if there is interest and get experienced crew and cast involved with your film.

Film Proposal Template

Film Proposal

  • Develop your Concept
  • Visualize your Film
  • Get key Crew and Cast involved

How to Write a Film Proposal

Step 2. Present Your Film Business Plan to Investors

Package your Film as a Business

Now we going to find out how much your film is going to cost to make. You need to present a Film Business Plan to investors so that they can see how much is needed for development, pre-production, your shoot, post production and distribution.

Film Business Plan Template

Film Business Plan

  • Calculate your Budget
  • Prepare your Shooting Schedule
  • Work out your Marketing and Distribution Plan

How to Write a Film Business Plan

Step 3. Convince Investors with Film Revenue Projections

Prove you can Make a Return on Investment

Here comes the most important part. You need to be able to prove that your film is going to make a return on the investment. Film Revenue Projections is research on similar films with the same budget so that you can get a low and high estimate on how the films did at the box office.

Film Income Predications Calculator

Film Income Predictions

  • Prove the Potential Income
  • Calculate Return on Investment
  • Get Distribution

How to Calculate Film Revenue Projections