Film Pitch Deck with Template Examples

Film Pitch Deck

Download a professional Film Pitch Deck template for your short film, documentary, feature film or TV show to introduce your project to investors and distributors.

What is a Film Pitch Deck?

A film pitch deck is a visual presentation of slides that shows investors how your film or TV Show looks and feels in pictures. It should include a summary, list of key producers and cast, locations and a description of your intended audience.

It is the introduction to film executives to take interest in your project before sending the detailed film business plan.

Goal of a Film Pitch Deck

A Film Pitch Deck helps executives visualize your short film, feature film, or TV series.

  • Start a conversation with an investor or distributor as an introduction to your project.
  • Present your project, one idea per slide in strong visuals to show the mood and theme.
  • Summarize your film business plan in 4 - 8 slides.

The aim is to get your foot in the door before you send a 20-page detailed film business plan to close the deal.

Film Pitch Deck Example

The film pitch deck templates are examples for short films, documentary, feature films and tv shows, pre-designed for you to download and easily edit to suit your project.

Film Pitch Deck Template

There are 2 templates for you to choose from.

  1. Film Pitch Deck Template for Short Films, Documentary and Feature Films
  2. TV Show Pitch Deck Template for Television series that includes seasons and episodes
  • The template will open in Keynote on a Mac and the PC version will open in Powerpoint.
  • Easily replace the images and text to suit your project.
  • Save as PDF or as a movie clip to share!

* This Film Pitch Deck is also included in the Film Business Plan

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What is included in a Film Pitch Deck?

Your film pitch deck needs to present what is the project about, where are going to shoot, who is involved and why your film is important to the audience. 

Film Pitch Deck Format

A Film Pitch Deck projects a clear vision with high resolution images to hook the investor.

1. Top Slide

  • Intro image that wows, as they say, a book is judged by it's cover.
  • Create an image with just the title of your film for your intro slide. Use Canva, it's free.

2. Brief Summary

  • Write your Logline not longer than 2 sentences that includes the journey, the protagonist and the obstacle, see logline examples.
  • Detail the Genre of your film, be as precise as possible, see genre examples.
  • Running Time is the length of your film, including credits.
  • Add the Languages that are spoken in your film.

3. Producers

  • Name the Producers with a brief bio to show they know what they doing.
  • Add their IMDB link.

4. Production Company

  • Insert posters of films the company has completed to prove experience.

5. Key Cast

  • Name the Cast with brief biography.
  • Only add actors that bring value to your project.

6. Location Setting

  • Add images of your intended locations or interiors, where you project will take place

7. Audience

  • Add images and a short description of the film audience.
  • age group
  • gender
  • keywords 

8. Contact

  • Add your contact details, social handles and website.

* Note: the TV Show Pitch Deck has additional slides to include seasons and episodes.

Keep your text as minimal as possible, use pictures to convey the message.

Film Pitch Deck vs Film Business Plan

  • A film pitch deck is your visual introduction, 3 - 8 slides to present the overall mood of the project.
  • A film business plan is a detailed 20-page document that proves your project is viable for investment.

The aim is to hook the investor or distributor with a film pitch, then go into much more detail with a film business plan.

When you need a Film Pitch Deck

  • networking at film festivals and film markets
  • enter film pitch competitions
  • get cast and crew on board
  • share on social as a movie, get an audience

You got to have it ready at anytime, as a pdf or movie clip, see 10 ways to fund your film.

Film Pitch Deck Tips

Keep in mind, film executives go through a pile of pitch decks, strong artwork gets attention.

  • Get the concept over as quick as possible, get to the point
  • Less is more, keep it tight, 3 - 5 pages
  • Super easy to understand
  • The viewer wants to trust the vision, be consistent
  • Use high-resolutions pictures
  • Practice your pitch till it's perfect
  • Image cover has to be strong, not like a business proposal, be creative
  • Define your Genre
  • Star power is very important, insert faces that people recognize, but be sure they are committed to your project
  • Shoot a scene, insert a video, always impressive
  • Sell the impact of the project, offer them an opportunity, how you going to make them money
  • Prove your audience that it fits into the environment where you pitching
  • Aim for a one-on-one conversation where you can close the deal.