5 Important Tools To Raise Film Finance

This step-by-step guide will show you how to raise film funding and make a profit for investors.
How to get film funding

The film proposal, film business plan and film revenue projections templates are comprehensive documents to plan your film as a successful business.

1. Film Proposal

The Film Proposal is your first step going into development.

This film proposal template sets out why you are the best person to make this film, why your approach is unique and must be told. 

Film Proposal

How to Write a Film Proposal

2. Film Business Plan

The Film Business Plan is when you getting ready to pitch to financiers.

The film business plan template contains film finance analysis of the your film, of what it will cost to develop and operate your film business.

Film Business Plan

How to Write a Film Business Plan

3. The Budget

Calculate the Cost of your Film

Let's get an estimate of what the costs are going to be, create your film budget by department, shooting days and location.

How to Calculate Production Costs

4. Film Revenue Predictions

Film Revenue Projections convinces investors that you have a viable project.

With the film revenue projections template you can predict how much your film is going to make by researching 5 similar films within the same genre and budget.

Film Income Predictions

How to Estimate Income Projections

5. Distribution Contracts

Prepare to Sell your Film

The distribution contracts will guide you to prospective sales for your film. 

Make the Best Distribution Deal