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Win a Film Pitch Proposal for Funding

Are you a filmmaker with a vision, waiting for the right opportunity? Join our FREE competition and stand a chance to give your film project the boost it needs.

What’s in Store for the Winners?

We’re committed to supporting your journey with our comprehensive funding resources.

  1. Professionally Film Pitch Proposal: Win a tailored executive summary that captures the essence of your film, crafted to industry standards - a cornerstone for any successful pitch.
  2. Personalized Feedback and Leads: Receive customized feedback on your project, plus leads on where to find funding, aligning perfectly with your film’s needs and goals.
  3. Exclusive Film Funding Course: Gain access to invaluable insights and strategies with our Film Funding Course, designed to navigate the complexities of film financing.

This isn’t just a prize, it’s a significant step forward in your film funding process.

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