Film Marketing Plan

Who is your Audience
Where to find your targeted audience
How large is your audience
What is the viability of your campaign
Film Marketing Strategy
Film Marketing Budget and Predictions

Film Marketing Schedule Template

Plan your Schedule by Department through to campaign launch.

  • Build a profile of your perfect audience member
  • Define your genre and keywords
  • Analyze the statistics, how many targets can you reach
  • Build your website and create social accounts
  • Find organisations, social influencers and partners to grow your email database
  • Write relevant articles, press releases and design artwork
  • Complete your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Launch your Film campaign!

Included in the Film Marketing Plan:

Film Marketing Plan Template
Film Marketing Strategy Template
Marketing Budget
Film Marketing Schedule
Goals by Department Team
Sponsorship Deck
Genre Examples
Audience Profile Template Personas

Now that we have a good idea how large our target audience is, let's set up the website and social media accounts. Social media presence.


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