Get $20,000 to film your short film script & screen at 3 film festivals

Get $20,000 to film your short film script & screen at 3 film festivals

Stage 32 has partnered with St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission to turn your short screenplay into a produced short film that will screen at 3 festivals. The amazing team at St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission are providing a $20,000 production grant to one lucky winner who will have the opportunity of a lifetime!

The winning writer and director will be flown to Florida, cast & crew the film using Stage 32, be mentored on set by Sundance director JT Mollner and have the entire production professionally managed by production company Digital Caviar.

Short film content is on the rise and is steadily and successfully being used as a calling card, or as the insiders call it “proof of concept”, into the industry every day. Stage 32 has a proven track record of providing guidance, resources, opportunities and educating new voices. With this new contest offering, Stage 32 is guaranteeing a professionally produced short film that’ll be film festival ready and most importantly, that you’ll be proud of.

The Short Film Script Contest is your next ticket to success!


The winner and director will be flown out to St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida to film the winning short script, where the likes of Hollywood films such as Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children , Spring Breakers, Dolphin Tale and Magic Mike were filmed

Production will be mentored by award winning Director/Writer JT Mollner
The winner will receive a Movie Magic Bundle (Scheduling & Budgeting) from Entertainment Partners
Zacuto will prize the winner with a Z-Finder

All production will be professionally managed by Tampa Bay based production company Digital Caviar. Plus, cast & crew straight from Florida using your Stage 32 network, how cool is that?

But wait, that’s not all! The winners short film will be showcased in Stage 32’s short film program, featured at the 2017 Hollyshorts Film Festival, 2017 Richmond Film Festival and the 2017 Sunscreen Film Festival, plus a special online global screening on Stage 32.

Grant Deadline: 12 October

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