Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review

Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review

The Martin Scorsese Masterclass will teach you storytelling, cinematography to editing and working with actors. How incredible that this Oscar winner shares his approach to filmmaking with us in an online class available to all.

Martin Scorsese is a legendary director whose films from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street have shaped movie history. In the Masterclass he deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing how you make and watch movies.

Study Filmmaking with Scorsese

The classes are scheduled to start early 2018 and we will review the masterclass even though we know it can only be magnificent!

No doubt many gems that will improve your filmmaking skills and the ability to add to your resume that you have taken the Martin Scorsese Masterclass.

Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking

What will I learn?

  1. How to work with Actors
  2. Cinematography
  3. Production Design and Color
  4. Editing and Sound
  5. On-Set Directing

The Martin Scorsese Masterclass includes:

Filmmaking classes are spread over 5 hours of video, interactive assignments and 'office hours' where Martin answers your questions and gives feedback.

  • 20+ Video Lessons: Watch, listen, and learn as Martin teaches his first-ever online class.
  • Class Workbook: A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.
  • Office Hours: Upload videos to get feedback from the class. Martin will also answer select student questions.

Martin Scorsese on the Art of Silence

Martin Scorsese Masterclass Reviews of his Work

Did the research on student filmmakers that have reviewed his work, here is what they had to say ..

Mr. Scorsese, you're actually the main reason from where my love of cinema came from. Your passion for film is so clear to me. So much, that I hope, someday, to follow on the road to become a filmmaker.

Much appreciated of all your films will live on and on for ages and people will still be watching them in about 1000 years.

Mr. Scorsese's life for teaching film is the guiding light for keeping the passion of film timeless.

How much does the MasterClass cost?

It's a little costly at $90, but what an investment in your directing career! Imagine having to complete film school of this calibre that would set you back $1000's of dollars. This is a win. has put in over $20million to make these courses available to us, this calibre of information is totally invaluable and bound to pay you back many times over, this is a rare opportunity to further your filmmaking career.

Great, how do I start the Martin Scorsese MasterClass?

The course will be available soon, enroll early so that you to be one of the first to move your career forward.

Sign up for the Martin Scorsese Masterclass here

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